Burning Man, Slaying Dragon

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“Burning Man, Slaying Dragon is at once the story of two young women discovering passion a generation apart, and of a mother and a daughter discovering themselves in each other against a background of flame. It is a remarkable synthesis of body and spirit and a deeply moving testament to love’s consuming and sustaining fires.” HAROLD RHENISCH, winner of the George Ryga Prize for The Wolves at Evelyn


“In Burning Man, Slaying Dragon the two narratives wrap themselves around one another, inform one another, entwine as lusciously as tropical vines. Deanna Barnhardt Kawatski and her daughter, Natalia travel to the Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada where a riot of colour, cultural and artistic diversity, and anarchy captivates the reader. On the bus to Nevada Deanna recounts her earlier travels across Europe to Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India to Natalia. It’s a book that transports you across decades and borders, infuses you with wanderlust. The writing is richly textured, bringing to life not only places and people but also the development of a gifted writer’s courage and imagination.” THERESA KISHKAN, author of Mnemonic: A Book of Trees


“Two iconic journeys, one past one present—one halfway across the world, the other half way across North America—converge in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert for the Burning Man Festival. A fitting convergence, maxing out on extremes of both the real and the unreal, the mythic and the miserable, the monumental and the mortifying—as is invariably true of our most important journeys.” ANDREAS SCHROEDER, Rogers Chair in Creative Nonfiction, Creative Writing Department, UBC and author of Renovating Heaven.”


“Each of the two extraordinary stories in Deanna Barnhardt Kawatski’s Burning Man, Slaying Dragon is a story that I literally could not put down. When this enthralling storyteller weaves the two narratives together into a single book, the effect is as gripping and unexpected as it is important. Another stunning achievement by the best-selling author who gave us Wilderness Mother, Clara and Me and Stalking the Wild Heart amongst many other contributions to our national literature. Pure magic!” ALEXANDER FORBES, author of Oranges and after the moon a blue ocean

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Burning Man, Slaying Dragon
Gracesprings Collective, November 2012
ISBN 978-0-9809608-6-0 $21.95