THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS   The Craft of Memoir.  Deanna will be presenting this 3 hour workshop at the Piccadilly Board Room in Salmon Arm on March 15th . A maximum of 12 people will be accepted,  register early.


SPRING FESTIVAL OF AWARENESS:  April 25th to April 27th

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS  The Craft of Memoir (2 hrs)  Everyone has a story to tell and in this workshop you will learn how to step through the looking glass and view your life from fresh angles. You will learn some tricks to trigger memory and how to write an evocative scene, increasing your left awareness multi-fold.

DREAMSCAPES (3 hrs) Dreams contain our own uniqueness and hold the seeds of creativity. Through hands on writing exercises and inspirational tips, let best-selling author Deanna B. Kawatski help you turn your night visions into sparkling prose. Bring your most dynamic dreams to work with.

Held at the Naramata Center,  Naramata, BC